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Adding Separation Gel and Blood Clot Activator:Separation Gel Serum Tube
Interior of the tube is treated with an anti-adhesive agent, and the Blood Clot Activator is sprayed to accelerate the coagulation of the blood and shorten the inspection time. The separation gel is a
Adding Potassium Oxalate / Sodium Fluoride:Blood Glucose Tubes
Sodium fluoride is a kind of weak anticoagulant. It has good anti-Blood glucose degradation effect and is an excellent preservative for blood glucose detection. Generally used for blood glucose testin
Adding Sodium Heparin or Lithium Heparin:Plasma
Heparin has the effect of potentiating antithrombin inactivation of serine proteases, thereby preventing the formation of thrombin and preventing various anticoagulants such as platelet aggregation. H
Adding Sodium citrate:Blood sedimentation tube
The concentration of sodium citrate is 3.2% (0.109mol/L) and 3.8%, and the volume ratio of anticoagulant to blood is 1:4. It is generally used for blood sedimentation detection. When the proportion of
Adding anti-adhesive agent:Serum Tube
Interior is evenly coated with an Interior anti-adhesive to prevent blood from hanging on the wall. It uses the principle of natural coagulation of blood to coagulate blood, and after the serum is nat
Adding Blood Clot Activator:BCA tubes
Interior of the tube is evenly coated with an anti-adhesive agent and a Blood Clot Activator is added. The Blood Clot Activator activates the fibrin protease, causing the soluble fibrin to become an i
Adding EDTA:Blood Routine Tubes
EDTA is an aminopolycanboxylic acid that effectively chelate calcium ions in the blood. Calcium removal of calcium removes calcium from the reaction site and prevents and terminates endogenous or exog
Adding Sodium citrate:PT Tube
Sodium citrate acts as an anticoagulant by chelate calcium ions in blood samples. The National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS) recommends 3.2% or 3.8%, and the ratio of anticoagula
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